The Everlaster: A Novel For All Ages

    Here is where you will find a fantastic new novel for children and adults.  It is an exciting science fiction adventure set in the very-near future of Yorkshire, England.  The entire novel is free for you to read online, download and give to friends.  It has been edited and proof-read by professionals and is as good as anything you will find in the bookshops.

    The Everlaster follows the story of four feisty children as they assist a Fairy in her mission.  A mission which, if failed, will doom her planet and ours.  The peaceful suburbs of England are the setting of a battle for the destiny and the soul of humankind.  The children have only their courage and their wits to aid them but they must go up against the largest and wealthiest corporation on Earth and their mysterious allies.  This fast-paced novel is filled with astonishing scenes, fantastic action, unforgettable characters, comedy and thought provoking ideas.  You have not read anything like it.

    The Everlaster is not yet available in traditional, bound, paper form. But if you enjoy what you read here and would like the opportunity to read it the old fashioned way then please feel free to leave feedback in the guestbook or contact me and, with enough interest, I may get it into print.