Stories From The Three Worlds

    As you will learn in The Everlaster, there are two worlds intertwined with Earth: Aeval and Omaur, both with rich and distinct histories.  Here I will place excerpts from those histories in the form of short stories, with a brief introduction for each one.  Click on the links to download a story in Text or PDF format (if you'd like to see other formats available just ask and I'll see what I can do).

    If your browser blocks pop-ups you may have to override it for the files to open.  Alternatively right click on the file and select "save target as" or "save link as" then save the file straight to your computer.

    At the moment there is only the one story but check back in future weeks and months for site updates.  You are free to copy and share these files as often as you like but always note the terms of the creative commons license (which are included within each file).

The Genesis Of Rubai

    Today's Fairies may be staunch republicans but they too once had a weakness for glamorous and parasitical figureheads.  The texts that William Shakespeare read as research for his plays (ignoring the fabulations, of course) were already many centuries out of date.  The Bard was kindly informed of this by a pedlar (a munaqqaba) who sold them in return for a sonnet and an evening's conversation.  It is for this reason that, for the sake of historical accuracy, A Midsummer Nights Dream was set in Earth's age of heroes: a time when there was much traffic between the worlds.  'The Genesis Of Rubai' is set in Fairy society during that age: the age of beautocracy.

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